UI & Motion Design

I used to dream of making short films, but life had other plans. Among my top favorite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Hayao Miyazaki. For me, animation is a medium that allows for precise control over the movement of elements, bringing them to life in a way that can express even more meaning and emotion.

Unless otherwise specified in the caption, everything within this space is considered personal property.

Animated Logos

TV Commercial

While I was with Gexa, I worked with the marketing department and an external agency and animated the wireframes to impose for the company’s TV commercial.

These are screenshots from the actual commercial. I do not own the commercial and wireframes are Gexa’s property.

Gexa TV commercial screenshot
Gexa TV commercial screenshot
Gexa TV commercial screenshot
Gexa TV commercial screenshot

UX in Games

I love cycling and mountain biking and when it gets cold outside, Zwift’s pacer bot is a fun cycling partner.

I made a weekend case study about this passion project where I made an animated icon that will appear when riding with a pacer bot and changes color depending on your speed and pacing with the bot.

This is a recorded game and I imposed an icon using After Effects. I created the icon in Illustrator.

Car color selection

car ui screens in light and dark mode